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Answering the big questions. These guides look at the evolution of the data centre from hardware-centric to software-defined, and highlight how HCI plays a major part in data centre transformation. We also cover the future of HCI and the next generation in cloud computing – Enterprise Cloud.


Understanding Hyperconverged Infrastructures

HCI is fast emerging as a key enabler for businesses seeking to replace legacy infrastructures and / or update current systems or processes. As well as it being impractical for today’s enterprises to move their entire infrastructure to the cloud; legacy infrastructures are hindering, if not preventing this from happening. Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI), is a key step towards allowing enterprises to achieve this goal. Understanding Hyperconverged Infrastructures, is an essential read for organisations who want to take a closer look at HCI and the benefits it can bring to their business.

Software Defined Storage for Dummies

This book will give you a straight-forward introduction to Web-Scale IT in which powerful software acts as a key driver of datacentre efficiency and flexibility. As the industry continues to move towards datacentre virtualisation and hyper-converged infrastructure, be the first to learn how to harness the power of software-defined storage.

The Definitive Guide to Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Become an Expert in Hyperconverged Infrastructure – Get the Guide. Legacy infrastructure—with its separate enterprise storage, networks, and servers—is not well-suited to meet the growing demands of enterprise applications and fast-paced modern business. The Definitive Guide to Hyperconverged Infrastructure will equip you with hyperconvergence fundamentals.

Enterprise Cloud for Dummies

What is the Enterprise Cloud? More and more leading organisations are going beyond hyperconvergence and turning to an enterprise cloud strategy to bring the agility, simplicity, and pay-as-you-grow economics of public clouds to their datacentres. This book will help you understand what the enterprise cloud is and how to architect a cloud infrastructure to propel your organisation into the future.


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Businesses aspire to gain the efficiencies enjoyed by web scale organisations such as Google, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft Azure. Our Infographic tracks the evolution of the hardware centric datacentre, the cloud and virtualisation to HCI.


Increasingly difficult to maintain legacy business critical systems create huge problems for organisations. Our infographic explains the journey to HCI and Enterprise Cloud. Businesses now have the best of both worlds: one-click simplicity of public cloud infrastructure and security and control from a private cloud.


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Want to know more about HCI? Watch Understanding the Evolution of the Datacentre to HCI.

HCI was borne out of a need to make the data centre more agile, flexible and scalable. This video looks at the history of the data centre and how it has had to evolve to adapt to changing and emerging technologies.

Enterprise Cloud is the Future: Watch Our Video to find out why

Enterprise or Hybrid Cloud is the future of cloud computing for businesses. We look at the changing shape of the cloud, the need for a fusion of the public and private, and how HCI plays a vital role in making this a reality.

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